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October 4, 2020
Which Business/Finance Degree in Singapore Is The Most Cost-efficient?

It is without a doubt that a university education is one of the most significant life investments someone can have in their 20s. A degree not only unlocks many doors within the corporate world, but it also builds your creativity, critical thinking and ability to work in teams.  However, the school and major that you […]

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June 18, 2020
The All-New Playstation 5 and What You Need to Know

With every advancement in the gaming console generation, we expect to see leaps in the quality and style that gamers can expect to have. The all-new Playstation 5 is expected to be released in Q4 2020 as the successor to the Playstation 4, effectively transitioning from the 8th gen gaming consoles to 9th gen. At […]

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June 12, 2020
How to Pass a Job Interview

Going into a job interview when unprepared is a surefire way to kill your chances of getting any offers. One must learn the nuances of what to say and what not to say to maximise your abilities to land that dream role. Here are some tips for general questions that are most applicable to most […]

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