What are the Top High-Income Skills? (No Tertiary Education/No Degree)

June 12, 2020
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High-income skills, defined as the ability to earn at least $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year. This is based on your field of work as some work types do not generate such an income. After that, take reasonable steps to reach that goal. With a high-income career, you are still trading your hours for money, but at least that money is sufficiently high. In your job, the amount of money you are paid or your value is mainly dependent on your boss’s opinion of you rather than the workplace.

Note that we are not talking about jobs here, but instead skills or skill sets that you can bring to the marketplace in exchange for money. The key to high-income skills is that you do not see them as mutually exclusive. You can compound and stack these various skills together so that you can offer a more valuable proposition to your clients.

1. Communication Skills

Communication is one of the critical fundamentals in developing a high-income skill. It forms the umbrella of many different kinds of ways for you to generate wealth. Be it in written or spoken communication; you can harness the ability to write or speak well into things like advertising. Copywriting is a form of written communication whereby you write marketing literature for companies, and you can be rewarded extremely well for it. Companies have been known to pay from $100 to above $1000 or $2000 if you can do copywriting that can help them generate more money. Alternatively, if you are a great person at spoken communication, you can look at areas such as becoming a spokesperson or advertiser for a particular company. These skills are not easily replicable as each person has a different style of communication which may or may not work well for the company. Once you have mastered the art of communicating and rendered some of your skills to your client, it is time to move onto the next skill.

2. Consultancy

Once you can establish great marketing and advertising material for your clients, the next question would be where and to whom do I publish these products to? That is the question that most companies will be asking and is the area by which consulting kicks in. Master your target audience, understand how to generate traffic. This is where things like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and other social media marketing techniques come into play. The world we live in today is clearly not congruent to our past; we do not hand out fliers as often but instead carry out marketing battles with competitors over web pages online. Mastering the technique of getting your advertisements or web pages to rank on search engines such as Google is essential towards helping your products sell and therefore crucial to the success for your clients.

3. YouTube

The power of monetising your passion through online videos could be a lucrative venture. As a YouTuber, you can share your passion, your hobby even as you travel and make great money from that. In the past, everyone would have scoffed at you if you tried to explain that you want to become a YouTuber. However, today it is evident with advertising revenue and the influence of tech that you can utilise YouTube not only to generate vast amounts of money but also get to impact people and build a following to support you. You can also see how your video, message and story affects people all around the world. It takes a while to get a YouTube career going, but the fruits of your labour will be worthwhile as long as you are consistent in your videos.

Additionally, there are many tips and tricks to help accelerate your growth on YouTube, and it is wise to spend some time learning the YouTube algorithm to reach your goals faster. Do not be stuck thinking about the analytics initially as the key to YouTube success is to churn out as many good quality content videos in a consistent manner. The ability to impact people regardless of geographical location makes YouTube a very unique and special high-income skill.

In the 21st century, it is not enough to rely on your financial situation solely on your job. Learn to pick up side hustles so that you can complement your income and achieve financial freedom at a faster rate. Learn these three high-income skills which can positively impact your life and those around you. Lastly, never give up on your goals, dreams and never let your job define your life.


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