How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

May 17, 2020
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Getting more views on YouTube is pivotal towards building your channel and branding. Views are the currency of YouTube and one of the most significant components that the algorithm uses to determine if your video is worth suggesting to others. Without views? No likes, subscribers, no monetisation and no fame. Hence, you must master the ways of getting more views on YouTube. 

The key to obtaining more views on YouTube is to have your video appearing on the suggested video section on other people’s screens. This enables you to reach a broader audience much quicker than having to bank your views on people searching for things related to your video.

With the system and algorithm changing every year, here are the best tips to get you started in the year 2020.

Tip 1 - Getting your video to appear as suggested next to a popular video

Firstly, you can utilise the Youtube search. Simply search for things that are related to your YouTube niche and find the title that has the most views and is the most closely associated with your video. Then, design your title similar to that of the popular video. This gives the YouTube algorithm a higher probability of linking and suggesting your video alongside the popular, thereby drawing larger audiences as they may find your video suggested alongside the popular videos that they watch

Simply paraphrase the words of the other title to fit your title, and it is way easier to be suggested.

Tip 2 - Keep your audience engaged

YouTube works based on expected watch time, and if the expected watch time of your video is higher than the majority of other videos, then it is more likely to promote your video. Think about it; if your video is 2 minutes long and viewers tend to watch only 10% of the video, then they would have watched about 12 seconds. However, if your video is 10 minutes long, then 10% would translate to about 1 minute of expected watch time. This can dramatically propel your video forward in terms of suggesting it.

In 2020, the best-expected views time for most YouTube videos is around 10 minutes long. Hence, try to extend your video as far as possible so that you can get your videos to stand out easily amongst the crowd.

Another thing is that the first 15 second of the video has to be engaging as YouTube continuously tracks this. If you can keep your audience engaged for the first 15-second block, then the algorithm is highly likely to favour your video as well.

Tip 3 - Use pattern interruptions

Pattern interrupts are things that you can add to your video to change things up. These can be a visual, jokes, music or camera angle changes to help you transition across different scenes. These techniques can help you increase the total duration of your video quickly without making the video seem too draggy. 

Additionally, you can use these pattern interruptions to give your twist or style to the video. Your audience will be able to recognise better how your video is played out and will generate a more profound sense of brand loyalty to your channel if they are used to seeing the standard format of your channel.

Tip 4 - Put in relatable metadata

As mentioned earlier, similar titles to popular videos will help you rank better on YouTube’s search engine. However, that is not all. There is also the tagging function that enables you to put in information that relates to the video. For example, if you are filming a gameplay video of yourself in a racing game, you could put in tags such as the brand of the car or specific models to help you rank better. Additionally, if you share the same tags like those used by popular videos, it will help your video rank better and also more likely to appear as a suggested video alongside the popular ones.

Utilising specific keywords in the video description or using links to other popular videos can improve your ranking on search engines not limited to YouTube. You want to be able to spread your visibility to all places, including the Google search. Hence, creating websites solely to promote your YouTube channel can also generate backlinks to help your videos stand out from the crowd and rank higher in any search engine, ultimately increasing your YouTube views.

We hope that these top 4 tips will help you understand how to get more views on YouTube in 2020. If you learnt any cool stuff from this article, be sure to read the other articles we have about generating content on YouTube. We wish you the best of luck in your YouTube journey.


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